MUVEK was found in October 2005 to provide innovative development solutions to Tanzanian problems. The key focus was initially in Agriculture and Rural Development in general. Later Education and Health sectors were added after they were found to be strongly interwoven with agriculture and rural development themes.


The gap identified by the founders was absence of institutions that have the flexibility to use public resources to play both public and private sector roles which are necessary in facilitating innovation for rural growth. The rural sector needs to gain business capacities which cannot be built by actors who exclusively play public or private sector roles. Read More




Staff profile


Recognizing the non-recurring and diverse nature of the company’s work, it is the company’s policy not to incur fixed costs on professional staff for services which can be outsourced and contracted on part time / assignment basis. Therefore whereas we shall meet our risk and brand criteria the “GO TO MARKET” approach will be on basis of lean and multi-skilled consultants. Consultants’ requirements in excess of this lean base will be met through careful use of high quality alliance consultants/ professionals. To enhance the Company’s capability, MUVEK collaborates with associate consultants based in and outside Tanzania. However, full-time staff areprovided for all programmes and project as needed Read More

Our Vision:


The MUVEK’s vision is of a prosperous Tanzania found on skilled citizens who manage productive and profitable enterprises.




 MUVEK seeks to reduce poverty by enabling Tanzanian producers, and especially farmers and marginalized communities to make sustainable improvements to their well-being through sufficient skills and knowledge, efficient and sufficient production, value addition and marketing intelligence.




Increased productivity and profitability of small and medium enterprises through increased learning and innovation, and by building organizational, technological and entrepreneurial capacities.


Values and Approaches:


MUVEK seeks to achieve its mission by working in the following manner:


  • Innovative, challenging and risk taking
  • Specialized, practical and operational
  • Catalytic and independent
  • Acting as a bridge between technology development and utilization
  • Building the capacity of people and local institutions in the country
  • Conducting research, only when required and when relevant to practical problems confronting communities;
  • Linking production and marketing;
  • facilitating producers’ access to production, processing and marketing (including financial) services by producers.
  • In a unique way, support the marginalized and vulnerable groups to become more productive through profitable enterprises.
  • Sharing and disseminating practical experience;· Advocacy to improve policy and practice;
  • Support to increase the standard of teaching science in primary, secondary and tertiary education so as to have a well-educated community of Tanzanian entrepreneurs who benefit from science.

Towards Our 10years Anniversary (2005-2015)

Ten years of Breaking Development Myths