MUVEK was found in October 2005 to provide innovative development solutions to Tanzanian problems. The key focus was initially in Agriculture and Rural Development in general. Later Education and Health sectors were added after they were found to be strongly interwoven with agriculture and rural development themes.


The gap identified by the founders was absence of institutions that have the flexibility to use public resources to play both public and private sector roles which are necessary in facilitating innovation for rural growth. The rural sector needs to gain business capacities which cannot be built by actors who exclusively play public or private sector roles.Moreover, the private sector alone cannot meet the social cost of creating the minimal conditions needed to trigger and enable innovation processes among the rural poor. Our argument here is that, the current levels of rural poverty, and the observed disconnect between the rural production systems and the urban service and product markets, require that we use “flexible private-public capacities” found in  “hybrid organisations”  like Muvek to facilitate and support rural transformational processes.


Thus Muvek fills this gap by adding business flavour in how public resources are used in facilitating and supporting processes that build system capacities and make rural enterprises productive, efficient and therefore profitable. In doing this, Muvek’s allows its role to be continuously shaped by context towards meeting shared goals with the target community. Therefore, and depending on the type of solution needed at a particular moment, we may facilitate, support, coordinate, organise, empower, broker, finance, invest, and even do business as necessary.  All we want is to do all it takes to help rural producers ‘escape the subsistence trap’ and thus stop labouring on unprofitable enterprises.


Working to strengthen the private sector in Tanzania is our passion and it has been inspiring and fulfilling. We at MUVEK know that without a strong and efficient private sector which includes small producers, the performance of the economy will continue to be below expectations.


MUVEK has chosen to focus on developing profitable rural agribusinesses because over 80% of Tanzanians live and earn their living in the rural areas with agriculture as the mainstay of their living. Available statistics indicate that by the year 2025 the population is expected to grow and reach 84 million people and the total demand for food and non-food commodities in Tanzania is expected to increase by more than three and half times. Therefore increased rural productivity is essential to meet the demand of this growing population. This involves transforming the current agriculture which is mainly subsistence dominated by smallholder farmers into a more market orientated sector.


Our underlying belief is that small producers will not make business sense unless they gain the capacity to consistently supply substantial volumes of quality produce. This involves introducing new production scales, mobilizing themselves for accessing markets, lobbying for favorable policies, introducing and utilizing new knowledge/technologies, changing attitudes, expanding investments and building new partnerships. This is what MUVEK wants to help them achieve.


MUVEK envisages situations where creativity and robustness is needed to transcend certain development theories, myths, habits, politics and practices which tend to romanticize smallness and consequently promoting inefficiencies that make most rural enterprises unprofitable. MUVEK continues to work with relevant stakeholders to overcome such situations and share lessons accordingly.


Muvek Development Solutions Ltd. (MUVEK) is a private company registered in Tanzania holding a Certificate ofIncorporation No. 54300 of 2005 and a valid Business Licence No. B000986578. MUVEK is specialized in providing consultancy services to both public and non-public development actors involved in Agriculture, Health, Education and Rural Development in general. Our services are in; program implementation and backstopping mandates; providing professional advice in institutional planning and M&E; collaboration in furthering development agenda; doing action research; and in documenting and sharing lessons. Muvek works with all those who take the risk of thinking outside the box, and go an extra mile to change the lives of the rural poor. Muvek believes in the powers bestowed in the people themselves and therefore works to innovatively unleash human potentials in using science and what surrounds us to solve African problems. We empower people from within to do profitable business within their localities and beyond.

Muvek is also a social enterprise  that invests to stimulate rural economic growth through creation of mechanisms that cushion risks, lower rural transaction costs and create rural urban linkages. This allows small producers to escape the subsistence trap and become viable for profitable partnerships. Hence, we are dedicated to the upgrading of rural enterprises until they are attractive for partnerships with the urban dynamics. Therefore, Muvek works with public institutions to meet the social cost of developing and promoting innovative solutions that improve African lives.

Our “for-profit-social” nature allows us to effectively and sustainably tackle rural poverty by skilfully blending business and commercialisation, with social interventions in solving systemic bottlenecks especially where both public and private investments are needed simultaneously. Muvek understands that the challenges currently facing rural Africa need more of for-profit approaches blended with the right mix of strategic and flexible public investment. This is because neither private sector nor public sector alone can break the rural Africa free from poverty.

The company is managed by a Board of 8 directors who come with a very strong background in development, research and training. Currently, the company has the following units:


Consulting wing: We receive consultancy mandates to implement projects on behalf of a client. Our key areas are agriculture, health and rural development in general. As a strategy to enhance the Company’s capability, MUVEK collaborates with associate consultants based in and outside Tanzania. To-date, Muvek has implemented a range of consultancies at both national and international levels. Qualified staff is also employed when needed by specific projects.


Muvek Science Foundation: Muvek is in the final process of registering an independent non-liability company to build on the Muvek shareholders’ interest in creating a “non-state space” for building science capacity, grooming and developing innovative science-based ideas to solve African problems. Muvek intends to invest in facilities and initiatives that improve local capacity for teaching and learning science; and for researching, testing and commercialization of innovative ideas. We have already invested in mobile teaching laboratories to service rural schools. We are also in the process of negotiating with the government and in mobilising other private companies to establish a management fund (as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR policy) to service secondary school laboratories country-wide.

KukuDeal: During the RIU program Muvek piloted a business oriented Farmers Support Unit (going with a business name “KukuDeal”) to strengthen the development of the poultry industry during and after RIU’s exit. The unit was designed to address sub-sector development challenges at national scale. (KukuDeal…click)


Towards Our 10years Anniversary (2005-2015)

Ten years of Breaking Development Myths