Our focus and themes

We provide development consulting services, support rural growth, and improve provision of laboratory services in Tanzania. On above areas, we work in five themes and on crosscutting issues.


1. Key areas:

Muvek’s consultancy and investment areas are around the following areas:












2. Themes:

In order to achieve her main goals and ambitions set within the above three focus areas, and which are grounded in supporting the private sector towards increasing investment in using new knowledge, sourcing technology and consequently promote rural innovation and growth, Muvek focuses on five themes as presented by the figure below:

























3. Crosscutting issues:

Muvek also addresses gender, governance, community mobilization, entrepreneurship, climate change and human rights as important crosscutting issues. Program management (i.e. planning, implementation, monitoring, evaluation and learning) are also important parts of our work.


Towards Our 10years Anniversary (2005-2015)

Ten years of Breaking Development Myths