On-going programs

Muvek is currently running programs under three of her Trading companies i.e. Kukudeal, Muvek Laboratories and Muvek Consulting.


1. Rural Poultry Development

Muvek has been contracted by the Catholic Relief Services Tanzania (CRS Tanzania) to implement the poultry component of the USDA-funded ‘Soya ni Pesa Program. In this program we support commercialization of rural poultry enterprises through contract farming in order to stimulate growth in the industry as a market pull for soybean production


2. Mobile Teaching Laboratory Services


Poultry Component of the Soya ni Pesa Program

The Catholic Relief Services (CRS) in Tanzania sets out to implement a “Soya ni Pesa” project as an initiative to strengthen the soybean value chain in Southern Tanzania. The focus is on smallholder farmers, whom they will link and integrate to markets, targeting especially the poultry industry. Within 4 years, CRS expects to gradually develop the soybean value chain and reach the target of 11,250 farmers and link soybean production with a substantial growth in the poultry industry in Tanzania.  The program will include complementary activities to support poultry production and extend linkages of the soybean value chain. In order to achieve the above objective, CRS has contracted Muvek to manage the poultry component whose objective is to improve rural chicken production both for improved household income and for simulating growth in the poultry industry, and consequently increase the demand for soybean as a feed ingredient. The mission is therefore to increase rural poultry productivity and marketing as a pull factor for stimulating growth in the soybean subsector.


Muvek is expected to use its experience and lessons learnt from the previous interventions in the industry. By adopting these strategies CRS expects to improve rural lives while developing and integrating the rural poor in sustainable production and marketing systems that create efficient rural-urban synergies for an efficient industry that creates an equitable growth. The major goal is to change existing rural household routines towards an increased demand and utilization of new knowledge for increased productivity and sustainable growth.



MUVEKs’ major role is therefore to:


1. Provide general management services to the program including; (i) Human resource (3 technical staff); (ii) Office space and supporting facilities; (iii) Financial management services; and (iv) Secretarial and administrative support.


2. Provide overall program coordination, planning and implementation to ensure that the program delivers its objectives and that activities are well integrated within the broader development agenda in Tanzania.


3. Build capacities of partners and target group needed to build sustainable systems that will promote growth in the soybean and poultry industries in Tanzania.


4. Monitor progress, document lessons, report, share and communicate program activities, opportunities, experiences and lessons to the general public and to specific actors for policy influence or collaboration.


Improving the quality of teaching science in Rural Tanzania




























































































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