Who are we?

Muvek Development Solutions Ltd. (MUVEK) is a private company specialized in providing consultancy services including program implementation and backstopping mandates in Agriculture, Health, Education and Rural Development in general.


Muvek is also a “social enterprise” investing to create mechanisms that cushion risks, lower rural transaction costs and create rural urban linkages to allow small producers escape the subsistence trap and become viable for profitable partnerships.


Our uniqueness

We are both “for-profit” and “for-social impact”. Meaning we implementing programs that build business capacities among the poor. Therefore, our company’s “for-profit-social” nature allows provision of more effective and sustainable solutions to tackle rural poverty by skilfully blending business and commercialisation processes, with social interventions especially where both public and private investments are needed simultaneously.


Muvek understands that the challenges currently facing rural Africa need more of for-profit approaches blended with the right mix of strategic and flexible public investment. This is because neither private nor public sector alone can break the rural Africa free from poverty. Therefore, Muvek works with public institutions to meet the social cost of developing and promoting innovative solutions that improve African lives.


Towards Our 10years Anniversary (2005-2015)

Ten years of Breaking Development Myths